Vote yes for 2! Why Amendment 2 is Good for You!

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Vote Yes for Amendment 2! Keeping and extending this amendment will be Good for you, your Family and us all.  

Here is a small excerpt from the Florida Association of Realtors on their SUPPORT (Yes) for Amendment 2 and a video on Why it's good for You and our community.

"Amendment 2 is critical for Realtors. It preserves the decade-old 10 percent cap on annual increases of non-homestead property taxes.
If it doesn't pass, Floridians are looking at a $700+ million tax increase that will translate into increased costs on goods and services, higher rents
 and general economic uncertainty within their communities."

Florida Association of  Realtors organization have ENDORSES votung Yes! for Amendment 2 as Good for Florida Homeowners and Real Estate.

Florida Realtors Say Yes to Amendment 2 and so should you!

Yes to Amendment 2- Does it affect Schools?

Amendment 2 is good for Fixed income Housholds also!

Yes to Amendment 2 for Homestead owners

Yes to Amendment 2 is Yes for Renters


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