Drivers License Renewal- Fla Trepidation! Elation!

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Drivers License and Renewals  Miami... 

And so it time came to pass that Drivers License renewal HAD to be done IN Person....  Oh the Dread...the rending of garments

Having recalled Times long past with long dreary lines to even gain admission, then Not even sure you're in the right line, no one to ask.
Shuffling haplessly with the submissive herd with papers in hand (and many a time to not have the 'right' papers).
Fluorescent lighting, channeled in queuing lines, warm air conditoning...  BUT Wait.....This was Long Ago and Far, Far Away! (Tributes to George Lucas)

Fast Forward to Present- OH HAPPY DAYS!!
The reservation/appointment was made online (1 day)
I was 2 minutes late (parking spot search to find nearest location)
Walking in I'm assigned a number, pointed to seating area AND called in 10 minutes obo
Had ALL the documents (Passport, Social Security card & 2 documents with my name and of course the old drivers license- There Alternate docs so not to worry)
They checked docs, Photo..ed me, then Assigned to Pay line & Paid , then waited 10 Minutes for New license.

All in ALL it took about 45 Minutes ...AND they were moving a lot of people...

There was evidence of queuing theory and practice...However...It worked!  O Happy Days!!

Therefore I can only note there has been obvious improvements in this area and tax dollars have improved the quality of the renewal experience.
.....Now if they could only improve the Quality of MY Driver License Photo...LOL